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What is Online Marketing?

Web promotion is the process in which a site is made known search engines, web directories and future customers of your company.

Promotion services are:

  1. Registration in search engines

Registration in search engines like Yahoo, Google, AltaVista, MSN, etc. is essential in the promotion.

Google is the most important player and also the largest search engine. Everyone knows that when you want a particular service or product, the most effective way to find a service or product is a Google search

  2. Submission to web directories / Blogs Articles

It is important that web directories or blogs contain relevant links to your site, thus search engines index very well your site.

For appearance on the top positions in the search engines, your site will be classified as having a higher page rank than competing sites.

It is essential that websites containing a link to your page have a high page rank, thus the associated page rank of your site be high.

A search engine like Google will have greater confidence in your site, if the number of relevant links to it is higher.



  3. Link exchange.

For a more efficient promotion is important to exchange links with other sites in different sphere of activity, but with the same target customers.

Link Exchange consists in putting a link from both sides to the site, thus creating a close connection between sites.

  4. Posts on social networks

It is important that the website be present on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus.