Frequently Asked Questions

A presentation website represents a set of several web pages through which the services provided, the products offered and other data necessary for your customers will be presented. » presentantion website creation.
Represents a set of several web pages through which the products offered by you will be presented, with the main purpose of selling products online » online store creation.
Web promotion is the process by which a site is made known to search engines, social networks, blogs, and potential customers of your business.» internet promotion.
Search Engine Optimization - represents the optimization of a web page's content (text, images, etc.) to be indexed by search engines. The better optimized a page is, the more likely it is that the page will be listed in the top positions in search engines. » SEO optimization.
Represents a set of web pages through which you can perform operations of editing, deleting, adding of:
- website pages
- files (photos, pdf files, etc)
- products
- services by any person within the company, without the need for programming knowledge
No exact prices can be set for a website, the price varies from project to project. The price of a website may vary depending on:
- the needs of the beneficiary
- the business that needs to be promoted
- the services and products offered by the beneficiary
- the additional modules that the customer wants
How much does a website cost ?
A domain is the name by which your site will be launched, for example launches this site.
Hosting is the server in which the pages of your site will be added so that they can be accessed from the internet. » website hosting.
Sponsored Links / Advertisements - a pay-per-click advertising service based on the idea that when a potential customer searches the internet for different keywords, your ads are displayed in the sponsored links section. When a click is given, a small fee is charged from the daily budget.



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