Creating Custom Online Shops
Creating an Online Store

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What is an online shop?

An online shop is a web site (a set of pages) in which a company can present and sell online products to end-customers through the shopping cart, offering multiple payment options: cash on delivery, card, bank transaction, etc.
The Online Shops are designed and developed from scratch (without using templates) according to your needs, they have no limit of use and after completion they do not require subscriptions for their use. You will have your own scalable and extensible platform created for you, through which all your requirements, ideas, dreams and plans will be able to come true. 
We will analyze your requirements based on the field of your activity and we will come with suggestions for modules and options that will fit in your website.


What will you get?

You will benefit from the latest technologies in the implementation of your online shop:

  • Development plan
  • Online marketing strategy
  • SEO Optimization and Promotion to attract and convert visitors
  • Unique and personalized graphic according to your image
  • User Friendly Web Shop through which we focus on user experience
  • Adapted for all browsers and mobile devices
  • Visitor and Conversion Statistics Program
  • Online chat program
  • CMS / Own Content Management System through which you can modify the content
  • Online Marketing and Maintenance after Development
  • Cloud Hosting
  • SSL Security Certificate
  • Georedundant Backup on Multiple Continents for Data Protection
  • Ultra High Performance Programming Technologies and Languages: Microsoft .Net Core & Blazor, C #
  • Database in Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise 2019
  • "Mission critical" execution time ~ 1 ms
  • The web application does not run Refresh, it behaves like a Desktop / Mobile application

What can an Online Shop contain?

We will analyze your requirements and, depending on the field of activity, we will suggest modules and options that your website may contain :

  • Web Pages with information, pictures and videos
  • Product Catalog and the posibility to Order Products through Shopping Cart
  • Quick and advanced search based on Filters and Attributes
  • Credit / Debit Card Payments
  • Customer Accounts 
  • Orders
  • Synchronization of the Orders with the Courier
  • Synchronization of the Orders and Stocks with the ERP
  • Newsletter
  • Guestbook 
  • Blog
  • Import products from different data feeds (Excel, CSV, etc.)
  • Vouchers
  • Pop-up Vouchers for Uncertain Customers
  • Sales/Promotions
  • Gift Cards
  • Compare Products
  • Wishlist
  • Customer Notifications for Abandoned Shopping Carts
  • Languages (En, IT, etc)
  • etc

Managing the content in an Online Shop: CMS

CMS / Administration means the ability to manage the content of an online shop and its options (presented above) without programming knowledge (see picture gallery).

Through a CMS you will be able to add, delete and edit:

  • Website Pages
  • Pictures and Files
  • Product Categories
  • Products, Pictures and Files
  • Attributes / Filters
  • Promotions/Sales
  • Vouchers
  • Gift Cards
  • Orders
  • Delivery / Purchase Methods
  • Customers
  • Blog
  • Email  & SMS Templates
  • Various Settings

Note: For distributors and warehouses we recommend the B2B platform  


Examples of Administration



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