Hosting in Cloud for Websites, Online Shops and Web Applications

Hosting is the server where the web site pages will be added to be accessed from the Internet.

Cloud hosting represents multiple data centers across all continents and provides geo-redundant security, protection and backup for both hardware and data infrastructure.

The hosting service is exclusive  for our customers who build the projects with our company.

Web sites and web applications will be hosted in the Microsoft Azure Cloud in Western Europe in countries such as Switzerland, Germany, the UK, the Netherlands and France.

Solutions and Technical Specifications Website Hosting

Web applications and sites are hosted on various types of solutions:

  • Economical, Server: Type B Burstable - 2.4 - 3.5 GHZ Xeon
  • Compute Optimized, Server: Type F: 2.7 - 3.7 GHZ Xeon
  • High Performance Compute, Server: Type H  3.2 – 3.7 GHZ Xeon

Technical specifications

  • High loading speed
  • The web application is Dedicated and Protected
  • Automatic Georedundant Backup on Multiple Continents
  • Availability Guaranteed by Microsoft Azure Cloud
  • Harddisks SSD
  • Net Core 5.0 & Blazor
  • Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise 2019 Database
  • Microsoft Windows Server Datacenter 2019 Operating System
  • The website will run on 2 Servers: IIS Server Files and Database Server
  • Secure HTTPS connection and SSL certificate
  • Comply Privacy Policy


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