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A B2B application

A B2B application is a communication platform between a Distributor / Importer / Manufacturer and reseller through a web application that presents the products offered for distribution. Products can be imported automatically from any program management in any format even Excel with condition that the management program export a file in Excel that holds at least the following columns: ID, Price, Stock. Resellers (physical stores or online stores) create an account platform (Tax Data, Contact, Data Delivery).

(Approved) Customers / Resellers can log in to the platform with a username and password and: view, download updated product stock, place online orders, view reports and financial documents, and interact with the supplier via messaging.


The platform will help the distributor expand their business to www.

The platform has included the necessary support for the concept of "drop shipping". Through this platform, the distributor delivers the goods to the final customer in the reseller's name, thus saving transport costs and delivery time.


B2B Platforms are designed and developed from scratch (without using templates) according to your needs, they have no limit of use and after completion they do not require subscriptions for their use. You will have your own scalable and extensible platform created for you, through which all your requirements, ideas, dreams and plans will be able to come true.

platforme b2b

We will analyze your requirements based on the field of your activity and we will come with suggestions for modules and options that will fit in your B2B Platform.

You will benefit from the latest technologies in the implementation of your website:

  • Development plan
  • Access from Anywhere
  • Adapted for all browsers and mobile devices
  • Cloud Hosting
  • SSL Security Certificate
  • Georedundant Backup on Multiple Continents for Data Protection
  • Ultra High Performance Programming Technologies and Languages: Microsoft .Net Core & Blazor, C #
  • Database in Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise 2019
  • "Mission critical" execution time ~ 1 ms
  • The web application does not run Refresh, it behaves like a Desktop / Mobile application
  • Android & IOS Mobile Application (optional)

What can a B2B platform contain?
Possible Modules in a B2B E-commerce / CRM Platform:

  • Customers and Potential Customers (Leads)
  • Product Catalog with Filters and Attributes
  • Sales agents
  • Customer Customized Prices
  • Sales Opportunities and Offers
  • Orders
  • Contracts
  • Invoices
  • Orders for the creation of Custodians as well as Orders from Existing Custodians
  • Status Messaging / Complaints System
  • Advanced Newsletter System for Customer Information
  • Feeds Export in all common formats: XML, Excel, CSV or Json
  • Integration with any ERP (Orders, Invoices, Payments, Custody)
  • Products Stock Import from ERP (Management Program) through Excel, XML, CSV or Json
  • Suppliers / Partners
  • Procurement
  • Daily activities (personalized emails, meetings, calendars, phone calls)
  • Monitoring the activities of sales agents
  • Tasks
  • Messaging system
  • Android & IOS Mobile Application


Examples of Administration



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