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Search Engine Optimization means optimizing and preparing the content (text, images etc.) of a web page to be indexed accurately by search engines.
The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service is aimed exclusively at clients who carry out or have carried out the projects with our company.

How to optimize SEO?

Optimizarea paginilor

Web Pages Optimization

Web Pages Optimization is made by: choosing keywords, optimizing web pages content, optimizing website linking infrastructure and installing monitoring tools such as Google Analytics - a useful tool that can easily track audience and traffic on your site.

Choosing keywords

Search engines see your site as a whole; all the pages on your site are analyzed to see if the site is relevant to a topic. Web pages need to be optimized for different keywords and the more optimized for keywords related to a specific theme website pages that are, the more likely it is that the site obtain high results in searching for a particular word key, related to that topic.

When customers want to buy something, they go through three phases of research, starting from general keywords, comparison keywords, and then "buying keywords".

  • General keywords: customers will write a very general keyword on the search engine for the product or service that they want.
  • Comparison keywords: in this situation, customers know the type of product or service they want.
  • "Buying keywords": customers are using very specific keywords because they know what they want to buy, but in this case they are searching for the site with the best offer.

Together with you we will choose the keywords for which the Website will be optimized following an analysis and we will use keywords that describe terms of comparison - purchase.

Optimizarea paginilor

Competitor Analysis

For an efficient optimization, we will need to study competition and how competitor’s websites are ranked in search engines to find new keywords that we can use, but also to find keywords for which we can get more advanced engine results than the competitors.

Meta Tags Optimization

Meta tags provide search engines with information about the content of a web page and Search Engine Optimization; they are not visible to the regular users of your site and can only be found in the source of the web page.

The selected Words must appear in Meta-tags: Title (a page summary) and Description (a short description of the page).

Optimizarea paginilor

Content Optimization

The keywords must appear in: the site title (H1, H2) and the content of the page. Listing the keyword in the site page can be done as a link, a thickened word and to appear, for example, in Alternate Text from Images (ALT) etc.

The link-to-site infrastructure

When we create Website Pages, we must take into consideration that pages must contain internal links between pages whose anchor name is a keyword for which the landing page is optimized.



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