Online Marketing and Continuous Maintenance
After Project Development

Marketing online si intretinere website

Online Marketing and Continuous Maintenance have an important role in online promotionas it helps maintain and increase search engine positions. You will have a unitary image, supported by a team of specialists who will take care of the image of your website in the online environment.

The online marketing and maintenance service is aimed exclusively at clients who carry out or have carried out the projects with our company.

You need to know that it is very important that the process of efficient online promotion continues after the project is developed to enhance notoriety, but also to have a continuous growth.

Online Marketing and Continuous Maintenance of your Website consist of:

  • Creating and Optimizing Articles in the Internal Blog
  • Creating and Optimizing External Articles
  • Website Mention on Social Networking
  • Creating, Monitoring and Improving Pay-Per-Click Campaigns: Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Google Remarketing, Facebook Remarketing
  • Website Improvements
  • Continuous Search Engine Optimization
Marketing Online

Internal articles are posted in the articles blog, and we can teach our clients something new about events, products, and services. By default, the traffic on the website will be increased and the continuous articles posting will increase the noncommercial content of the website. The web site will register an increase in search engine rankings, and then the growth will convert to higher sales or more customers.

External articles are important because once your site is listed in local and national press sites with a link to your site's keywords, your site will become more and more popular, it will record an increase in top-of-the-line search and, by default, you will have more customers or larger sales.

Google Ads is one of the most accessible online promotion methods, with the main advantage of displaying advertisements when the visitor already wants to buy the product/service you are selling. Google Ads runs on the "Pay Per Click" system. Pay-Per-Click advertising is an advertising system that you only pay per click for search engines, click and reach your website, unlike classic advertising (TV, Radio). Our goal is to optimize costs per click so that we bring as many customers as possible and you spend as little money per click.

Google Remarketing is an online advertising method that helps you get back to the attention of those who left your site without buying or achieving a goal. Your ad will appear on the sites the visitor will then browse, such as: public interest press sites.

Facebook Remarketing is an online advertising method that helps you get back to the attention of those who left your site without buying or achieving a goal. Your ad will be displayed on Facebook.

Facebook Ads is a pay per click advertising system through Facebook that helps your site grow and you can earn more customers.

Mentioning the site on social media (Facebook, Google or LinkedIn) is important because the more your site is mentioned on social networking sites, the more it becomes more popular and will grow in search engine rankings.

Continuous changes on your site consist of content changes such as adding new products, services or pages, editing pictures and banners etc.

Improving content on your site consists of constant content analysis and content improvement suggestions.

Abonamente marketing continuu

How does the online marketing service work?

At the beginning of the period, after the discussions, we will propose a plan for the online marketing services listed above and only after you agree with us we begin the execution.

The marketing plan is customized according to the field of activity and depending on: your client's profile, the events that follow, the promotions you want to implement and the products/services you want to focus on during the current period.
At the end of the period, we will meet with a report presenting our results, activities, analyses and statistics and a plan for the next period.

Types of Subscriptions / Subscriptions

Examples of online marketing and continuous maintenance subscriptions:
Basic Package

Report: 3 Months

Hours/Month: 10

Silver Package

Report: 2 Months

Hour/Month: 16

Gold Package

Report: Monthly

Hours/Months: 24

Platinum Package

Report: 2 Weeks

Hours/Month: 32

* The selected work hours are distributed for each service considering the necessities.


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