Desktop Applications: Windows, Mac

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What is a desktop application?

A Desktop Application is a software program that can be installed on desktop device that uses operating systems such as Windows or Mac and can access an online database.

Desktop Applications are designed and developed from scratch (without using templates) according to your needs, they have no limit of use and after completion they do not require subscriptions for their use. You will have your own scalable and extensible platform created for you, through which all your requirements, ideas, dreams and plans will be able to come true.

We will analyze your requirements based on the field of your activity and we will come with suggestions for modules and options that will fit into your desktop application.


What you will get?

You will benefit from the latest technologies in the implementation of your application:

  • Customized development plan
  • Unique and Custom Graphics according to your image
  • User Friendly through which we focus on the user experience
  • Suitable for all types of desktop devices: tablet, laptop
  • Own administration through which you will be able to edit the content
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What can a Desktop App contain?

  • Pages with information
  • Accounts for Traders / Suppliers / Sellers
  • Accounts for Final Customers / Visitors
  • Accounts for Agents / Emplyees
  • Global Administrators Accounts that manage the entire content
  • Catalog with Offers / Products / Ads
  • Quick and advanced search by filters for offers / products / ads
  • Orders / Requests Offers
  • Notification System
  • Loyalty System
  • Subscription / Payment System
  • Reports
  • etc

Where can a Desktop Application be used?

A Desktop Application can be used in industries similar to any web application and many others such as:

  • General Announcements Portals for Sale
  • Auto & Moto (Portals for presentation, sale, rental of vehicles)
  • Advertising Portals for Companies
  • Human Resources (Jobs and Candidates)
  • E-Learning Portals
  • Tourism (Reservation Portals)
  • Medicine (Dermatology, Dentistry, Ophthalmology, Gynecology, etc)
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Travel Agencies
  • Reservation systems for hotels (hotels, hostels, etc.)
  • etc


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