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  Cluj County Prefecture, address 58, 21 December 1989 Bd., Cluj-Napoca, Cluj, Romania, expressing appreciation for the collaboration with Softimpera. We chose to work with the Softimpera due to the outstanding quality of their services and the professionalism of its members. Also, the team that built the new website of The Prefecture Cluj provides prompt technical support, giving evidence of availability and flexibility. Given those expressed above, we consider that the Softimpera Company qualify as a professional and reliable contributor to any beneficiary of IT services.

Prefect: Prof. univ. dr. ing. Gheorghe Ioan Vuscan

Softimpera experience is much more than building a website. Lucian and his team have read our thoughts and exactly shown the Asteco idea, fast, efficient and very professionally. I had the pleasant surprise to receive even more: a flexible online platform on which we can update anytime, SEO services that have propelled visibility beyond expectations in a very short time and post-release assistance in promoting online. Judging by the reactions of the large share of customers who have found through the site, I'd say from the outside www.astecolifestyle.com became another successful product brand by SoftImpera.

Director Marketing: Alexandra Sarlea
SC Asteco Stil de Viata SRL


I am very pleased with the collaboration with SoftImpera over 3 years, and after realizing the website and participation in sponsored ads can say that I felt a significant increase in the number of clients. We collaborate for maintenance of the website and internet advertising.

Director General: Cionea Mircea
S.C. Mellis S.R.L.


Professionalism, availability and competence were Softimpera company success factors in designing, optimizing and promoting our site on the internet. Working with SOFTIMPERA is a clear example in which all the results exceed expectations.

Director General: Bacanu Octavian,
S.C. Intercas S.R.L.


Working with Softimpera team was excellent due to the professionalism, flexibility and understanding that treated our requirements. We highly recommended to all who wish achieve professional web applications.

Director General: Corina Badulescu,
S.C. AHIS Consulting S.R.L.


I worked with Softimpera team to create and promote a site for a cleaning company, Vapigiena SRL. In my opinion it is a serious company, prompt, responsive and open to any idea or project. SoftImpera team proved patience and professionalism, and our collaboration has led our site on the first page of Google, as we wanted. We appreciate the quality-price ratio and we strongly recommend this team.

Director General: Alina Feder,
S.C. Vapigiena S.R.L.


Availability, openness, creativity, patience, professionalism – in a word: SOFTIMPERA.

I worked with SOFTIMPERA team to realize two sites. Timeliness, responsibility, working speed and understanding they showed during cooperation, recommend them as true professionals dedicated specialization they have.

From my point of view, is the team with whom we worked best in this sphere of activity, web services. I still keep working with them and I recommend them with confidence and admiration of all those who want to work with professionals.

Thanks SoftImpera Team!

Psih. Stefania D.Nita


I worked with Softimpera to achieve a complex auction site. Requirements such as: enhanced security, the use of the latest technologies and the possibility to manage the content allowed me to realize all operations necessary for the maintenance of the entire web application.

I recommend Softimpera for the quality of projects and I think is the best team to achieve any web application, regardless of the complexity desired.

Ing. Ghirca Alexandru


We have benefited from SOFTIMPERA services and we are very pleased. It is a serious company, where quality and timeliness define our collaboration since the early stages. We wanted to create a html website presenting the services offered by our company. SOFTIMPERA web designers and programmers have created our web and, moreover, it has been optimized for search engines shortly, is easy to use for our customers, and easily managed and maintained even by us.

Administrator: Florin Nicoara,


We have worked with SoftImpera company for a web site presentation for Original Marines Romania. Through the administration section made by them we can easily manage photos and all pages of the website. Note reliability, availability and do not forget the most important the PRICE. I can say that the quality-price ratio,  timeliness execution, clarity of explanations for site administration make SOFTIMPERA a company that can be confidently recommended !

Manager: Valentina Stroescu