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What is Online Internet Promotion?

Online promotion is the process by which a site is made known to search engines, social networks and possible customers.

The Online Promotion Service is aimed exclusively at clients who carry out or have carried out the projects with our company.


How the online promotion is made?

1. Search engines registration

Registering the site in search engines such as Yahoo, Google etc. is essential in the promotion process. Google is the most important player and, at the same time, the largest search engine.

Your website will also be registered with Google Search Console and will have a site map linking so that the search engines can index all pages of the website.

2.Registration in Specialty Sites, Press and Article Blogs

For search engines to index properly your site, it's important that many other sites such as: Specialty Sites on your domain or Blogs contain relevant links to your site.

For the first position in search engines, your site will have to be classified as having a higher importance than competing sites (page rank).

For the page rank associated with your site to be high, it is essential that sites that have a link to your website also have a high page rank.

A search engine like Google will have more confidence in your site, with the number of relevant links to it being greater.

3.Link exchange

For a more effective online promotion it is important to be made a link exchange with other sites in different activity domains, but with the same target customers.

Link exchange consists of linking both parts to the site, thus creating a close connection between sites.

4.Posts on Social Networking

Social sites are typically designed to discuss and share information between users. These sites will help us to find new customers for our services or products.

Mentioning your social media site (Facebook, Google or LinkedIn) is important because the more your site is mentioned on social networks and the more popular and viral posts are, the more it becomes popular and will grow in search engine rankings search engines.